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Northcote’s trusted militaria preservation service since 1970. Service Medals Melbourne, part of Recherché, is your one-stop shop for original and replica medals, medal mounting, military service framing solutions, and conservation. Our award-winning military and picture-framing specialist is on-site to assist you.

Heritage service frames

When two brothers go to war, and only one comes home — framed as a pair, we showed their respective service histories — the older brother served at Gallipoli while both served on the Western Front. The younger brother was killed in his first battle at Bullecourt, France.


We provided the family with replica medals along with a miniature death plaque (known as the Dead Man's Penny).

The Guadalcanal HQ Flag of the 1st Marine Division (USA)

We were honoured to be asked to frame one of the most important American flags from World War II. The flag was restored by Senior Textile Conservator, Skye Firth, from the International Conservation Services, NSW. 

Frame designed and constructed by Neville Crawford (2x2.5m)

Re-dedication by Vice-President Joe Biden, 2016

The Guadalcanal signifies a turning point in the Pacific War. 

Neville with Joe Biden and Skye Firth 2016.jpeg

Special 90th birthday gift of her Grandfather's medal frame to her Father

Dianne shared that her dad’s father, James (Jim) Colk, was wounded at age 19, at the disastrous Battle of Fromelles, on 19 July 1916. He was invalided back to England with a gunshot wound to the shoulder and spent many months recovering.

Private James Colk was in the 60th Battalion. His medals are the Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Courtesy of Dianne Colk on a Facebook post

Brigadier General Harold 'Pompey' Elliot described the Battle of Fromelles as “...a wretched, hybrid scheme, which might be well termed a tactical abortion."

Read the story of the worst-ever military disaster with more Diggers killed in one night than in any battle combined, Fromelles by Patrick Lindsay

Father's father gift

Our 'Commemorative Medal Frame' for Albert Jacka

Born on a dairy farm near Winchelsea, regional Victoria, Albert Jacka won Australia's first WWI Victoria Cross Award. 

Our Commemorative Medal Frame includes:

  • A single portrait

  • Court-mounted replica medals

  • Ribbon bars

  • Honours and awards and facsimiles of London Gazette Citations, and

  • Engraved brass nameplate.


Honouring the outstanding sacrifices made by the 14th Battalion for all Australians, we presented a similar framed compilation to the descendants of Jacka's Mob, known as ‘The 14th'. One of these frames now resides in the City of Port Phillip with the rest of the 14th Battalion's collection. 2014 was the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Battalion.

Albert Jacka Frame.jpg

Japanses Army Kyu-Gunto Sword

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Sublet DSO MC from the 2/16 Australian Infantry Battalion served through North Africa and the Pacific including the Kokoda Track. The sword most likely came into his possession at the end of the war.

The clean minimalist style of the display made the artefacts stand out and constructed as a monocoque with a removable back. The padded silk panels have recessed edges creating a subtle border. Both sword and scabbard have been treated and a protective coating applied. In work of this nature, the mounting techniques take the most time — here they were specially formed using acrylic and manganese bronze, with insulation between the object and mount.

Presented in a custom-built acrylic display case. We aimed to provide the least possible mechanical interference, electrical interference and chemical interference with UV filtering acrylic.

Kyu-Gunto Sword.jpg
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