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‘‘Be it elegant complexity, or stripped down simplicity, 
the frame should be at one with the artwork’’.
Quilt of Harry

Art quilt by Louise Falk, working on a series of quilts about the impact of both wars on my family and this art quilt is part of that series - Harry was killed at Ploegsreet in 1916

Japanese Ukiyo-e Coaster

Stitched onto a white fabric background a simple Japanese ukiyo-e 'coaster' which was then teamed on the wall with two delicately tinted Japanese wood blocks each framed in very fine oak

Giraffes a plenty

Photograph of giraffes in the mist

Four children

A family of four children in a decorative frame

Inspired by Nolan's Ned

Painting of Ned Kelly inspired by Sidney Nolans' Ned Kelly series

We're married!

A couple on their wedding day

A herd of elephants

A family at the Zoo

Boy cycling

Child cycling on a pebbled street


Painting of the dry Australian earth

Aircraft manoeuvring

Multiple images of an aircraft manoeuvring through the sky

Double image frame

We frame all kinds of war memorabilia including photographs, dog-tags, stripes and medals

Sheet music framed

Original sheet music framed with musician

Wrapped Fruit

Art in the right picture frame is a glorious achievement by both artist and framemaker

John Olsen

A John Olsen triptych framed in three custom made acrylic boxes

Aboriginal artefacts

Acrylic box display unit created for demountable three dimensional aboriginal artefacts

Memories forever

The jeweller at his work bench – a working life remembered

1920's frame of lady

Frame of young lady during the 1920's

Framed tile

Special tile framed

Tapestry of bird

Machine embroidered art textile was framed under glass

Divinyls' bill poster

Bespoke aluminium frame designed by Neville Crawford for a bill poster housing a poster of the Divinyls

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