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Preserving family
military history 

Medals are a visual reminder, honouring sacrifice and service.

Medals are in effect a shorthand presentation of the recipient's career and achievements. Many medals have been lost, some have gone to other branches of the family, and many have never been claimed. As time passes, these very people start to put their past into perspective and remember the good times along with the bad.

While many soldiers were permanently damaged by their experiences, they didn't like talking about the past, thus becoming a blank page in a family's history. In some cases, medals have been issued 50 years after the event. Some medals have been upgraded and for others, the qualification for the award has been changed. 

Daphne Pearson Medals

This group of medals is resting in the Imperial War Museum, London. The first medal of valour, awarded a female for rescuing a crewman which fell out of an exploding aircraft crash, 1940. The George Cross group of medals was mounted for the late Daphne Pearson, for her visit to Buckingham Palace.

Three framed medal sets

A framed medal set for each descendent of this serviceman's family.

Frame with dog-tags

The framed record of service includes the RAAF 'dog tags'.

Double-image frame

Describing a double-imaged-frame of an army career that started in 1912. Part of the Warrnambool Field Artillery and spans through WWI and WWII and is currently on display at the Warrnambool RSL.

Memorabilia Framed

We mount all memorabilia collections, as seen here during WWI at the Western Front.

Emu plumes

The emu plumes were sometimes jokingly referred to by the 1st AIF as 'kangaroo feathers'!

Collection of medals in a case

We also offer boxes, as seen here, a collection to fit into a case made by the owner from the mast of a sail-training vessel.

Mounting of full size and miniature medals

All medals are cleaned and lacquered with a protective coating prior to mounting.

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