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Four Decades of Design Elegance

Recherché (Specialty Picture Framing and Service Medals Melbourne) celebrates over 40 years in the picture-framing industry

The front cover of this issue is the work of Recherché – it translates to love and is a piece by the artist Erté. Erté was well known for covers of Vogue Magazine in his day. It was framed using embossed velvet and designed using calculations based on Fibonacci numbers.

Also an inspiration for our corporate logo design.

Profile Magazine

Issue 54

Turned a picture-framing business into a fascinating art form

Customer requests include framing an Indian head-dress, a steering wheel, wedding memorabilia and stamps.

Neville said a skilled picture framer was more than a mere craftsman, "The framer is also an archivist, historian, applied scientist, designer, interior decorator and assessor. A picture framer must be able to understand, ascertain condition and identify what it is. It's all about understanding design. Honesty and integrity are all important in this business."

Doncaster and Templestowe News, reprinted from Work Sight
Saturday 25 October 2008

Jacqui Stockdale

Artist and Moran Photography 

2012 Prize-winner

Thank you to Recherché Framing for their support during the Gay Hawkes Art Auction. They are definitely specialists in framing and have an incredible knowledge of the history of framing, with many inspiring examples of different styles and methods used over the years.
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