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Sometimes we need to recreate the original photograph and frame, here

the original photograph & frame was restored but we also 'duplicated' it in two sizes using frames sympathetic to the period

An original handcoloured photograph of family group

This photograph has now been restored & replicated in two sizes, the original size and a smaller version.The arch-topped mat has been cut by hand for both versions

A detail of the replication arch topped mat, handcut and with a gilded bevel and gold line

Preparing the leaf to gild the bevel of the arch topped matting

More gilding preparation

And the leaf is applied to the bevelled opening of the mat

Applying the leaf to the size on the bevel for the larger of the two re-creations

Original handcoloured photograph in mat and the replication restored photograph, new matting and period frame

Original handcoloured photograph in arch-topped matting and its original period frame

Detail of the finish on the period frame - gold over red

Ornamented corner detail of frame for replicated image of family portrait

Here we see the traditional skills and dexterity of an experienced picture framer, combined with both the traditional & 21st century skills of our photographic restorer

A smaller version of handcoloured portrait with a frame sympathetic to the period

A complete replication of image, matting and we provided a similar ornamented picture frame which was restored and refinished

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